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Policy Trailers

We’ve served the motion picture industry for more than 20 years and began producing policy trailers in 2015.  But we’re far from novices. We have more than 25 years of experience producing visual marketing material for other industries.  With the exhibition industry’s recent conversion to digital projection, the cost of producing policy trailers became much more affordable.  I’m glad I wasn’t knee deep in film production equipment and costly lab facilities like some of the major policy trailer companies.  Ouch!

Custom Policy Trailers

If you can dream it – we can do it. Most people falsely attribute that quote to Walt Disney, but I’m going to borrow it here (actually, I might be stealing it from Home Depot!) Regardless, the only limits are your imagination…and, of course, your budget. Nevertheless, with more than a quarter century of film and video experience outside of the exhibition industry, you can trust us to achieve exactly what you desire.  Our process starts with your vision and a little dialogue between us.  Don’t really have a vision? We can help with that too.  After we talk for a bit and nail down the concept, we can provide you with a firm quote.  Only then, will the work begin.  Whether you want a simple 10-second policy trailer or an eye-popping 3-Dimentional tour de force that last 30-seconds or more, we can deliver it.  Give us a call to discuss your project.

Generic Policy Trailers

Our small, but growing portfolio will give you a glimpse into our capabilities – but keep in mind, it is just a glimpse.  We will continue to add new product on a regular basis.  Prices are clearly displayed and all prices are per-location.  You may exhibit the trailers in as many auditoriums within the theatre as you’d like.  You simply must make a purchase for each physical location.  For a small additional fee, any generic trailer can also be modified to include your logo if you’d like something that appears to be custom designed. Watch our portfolio of products from our online library.